The Modern Curio is an experiment in understanding, playing with and delving into the nature of nature. It is a digital curio cabinet with shelves dedicated to explorations in spirituality, experiments in DIY medicinals, unorthodox branding and of course a whole lotta’ artsy experimentation of the mystical persuasion. Yes, it’s a little all over the place. Please allow me this simple indulgence as I build my curio cabinet with all my passions in tow.

I am a creative director and I’m very interested in the potential of creativity. I really enjoy drawing on unorthodox systems to kick-start creative intuition as a way to align ourselves with our own paths, and to really kick-start our businesses, and our amazing lives.

In short: I believe that creativity and desire are the strongest forces on earth, and that they can move mountains when we throw enough love at them.

My posts are a digital record of notes/ideas/bits-and-pieces-of-fascinating-stuff that I come across while learning to walk my personal path of least resistance, while helping others to do the same. I know the topics are a little all over the place. It’s the one indulgence I ask for while I curate this curio cabinet of ideas and things.

I’m mega into healing. And mega into authenticity.
1. The science behind healing and herbal medicine fascinates me. (I am often researching, looking for the in-between glue where science and tradition meet – and where a westerner’s curiosities can be satiated when they ask “how does this really work?”)

2. The non-science behind healing also interests me. (This includes conversations with the higher self, attitude adjustments, what we learn in dreams or meditation, and all of the things that simply cannot be explained in #1 – of which there are many.)
3. How we can use creativity to connect to the earth, to each other, and to the universe. (Yeah. that’s a biggie.) Right now my passion for creativity and opening up that fountain-of-pure-awesome has taken an interesting turn as I delve into oracle cards + tarot and how we can use the messages on the cards to jump-start new ideas, and make our lives pure joy.