4 of swords meaning
The swords suit is the suit of air. The air element is concerned with ideas, logic, rational thought and creative activity inside of our minds. Swords are also concerned with life challenges, and they suggest thinking and acting rationally as we evaluate our path and our future actions.

The Four of Swords Tarot Card shows a crypt with a stone tomb. We see a figure on his back, with swords above and below him. In the traditional Raider Waite the figure has 3 swords above him and one below, suggesting that there is one main issue that is driving the person’s life right now. There may be 3 that are hanging around to confuse the matter, but there is one main driver that underpins the main character.

On the Juliet Sharman-Burke card that I am using today, (see image below) there are two balanced swords balanced above the figure, and the two crossed below. I would add that they seem to suggest a choice, but that one (or two working together) main driving ideas or forces are underpinning this figure’s life right now.

Again, the swords above indicate a choice being held in the balance, and at the centre of that balance are the heart and mind.

The card symbolizes a retreat, a rest after a period of struggle (the three of swords) and the moment to recharge and revitalize. Allow the recharging process to happen.

If you are starting a new business venture, maybe you need to think through your business plan again. The logical mind is asking to be heard here – there seems to be a few issues (choices) that haven’t been completely resolved, that could drastically change the outcome of the business.

Four of swords tarot meaning image
Four of swords tarot card upright meaning for your business/career question:
Keywords: recuperation, rest, convalescence, mental exhaustion, regrouping, intensive care, self protection, taking a step back

The three swords that were piercing and problematic in the previous card have not necessarily gone away. They are still present, but through injury or exhaustion you are now ready to take a rest from them, and move on. (Physical, psychological or emotional wounds may need to heal first.)

From a business perspective, ask yourself if you are running on empty.
You may be experiencing overwhelm, over-work and over-worry (stress!) and you may have had the wind knocked out of your sails or experiencing a crash that will force you to rest. The four of swords is a reminder to be honest about your present situation, and reminds you that you may be on the edge of coming undone. It’s time to take a good look within, especially if we are just getting over a time of emotional strain.

As a business owner or career-focused person, you probably don’t give yourself the down time you need. The busy schedule of today’s business expectations needs to be tempered with conscious relaxation and time to unwind. We don’t value it the same way we used to, and your creative energy, new ideas and drive to keep moving ahead need to be nurtured in those down times.

If you are having trouble making the payroll money or bank payments, or things are simply not moving the way you would like them to, it is very easy to push the “GO” button and to feel like you ned to work every waking moment to make ends meet. It’s time to remember that more work does not necessarily equate to more money. As a business owner, it’s time to stop thinking like an employee and trust that you will be at the right place at the right time. Put out the feelers, and allow the right connections and opportunities to come to you. Be careful not to push yourself to physical and mental exhaustion at this time, because the 4 of swords counsels that you may be close to the edge of doing just that. If you can take a rest or a vacation, now is the time to do it. Pushing yourself to mental exhaustion and overwhelm will not help your business in the long run, whereas having a clear, focused and relaxed mind will.

While you have a number of pressing issues (swords above) focus and deal with the main issue and then move from there.

The great thing is that the four of swords is a temporary condition, and physical illness / overwhelm or emotional upset can right itself rather quickly if you tend to your wounds and give yourself the rest you need. Book a spa appointment, meditate (but not on business!) or just give yourself some time to enjoy life. When you are more relaxed and open, you can look at your current situation and learn from it, and avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

If you need to cry, to let it all out in a total catharsis, remember that this time (while sad) is a healing time, when you can store up energy you will need in future challenges. RECHARGE YOUR BATTERIES!

Four of Swords Tarot Card Reversed:
Keywords: Slow recovery, time to jump in again, restlessness, inability to relax, not taking enough time to heal

Four of Swords reversed in business can suggest that you are chronically stressed. You may be so used to running and moving and shaking your money-maker that you don’t even realize that you are chronically stressed and that you are in desperate need of a time out.

You may be between a rock and a hard place, and ready to move so quickly that you don’t really consider the consequences or take the time to really think through your actions. You may have to deal with a situation logically, and you are only dealing with it through the heart. Sometimes, you need to make a plan, organize and make a list to consider pros and cons, best action steps and to really move yourself out of a tight bind.

It’s time to balance the heart with the mind. If you tend to navigate with the heart, the four of swords can counsel balancing the two in order to steer clear of the three of swords that are so painful.

If you are going back to work after a period of rest, the four of swords suggests that you may find yourself overwhelmed if you haven’t completely recovered. If you took time off because of stress, remember your coping mechanisms and the things that helped you to get well in the first pale when you cast yourself into the fast paced working world again.

If you are starting a new venture, maybe you need to think through your business plan again. The logical mind is asking to be heard here – there seems to be a few issues (choices) that haven’t been completely resolved, that could drastically change the outcome of the business.