7 Activities to Calm the Mind and Connect to Nature

Stress is a serious problem that affects many people worldwide.

The body and the mind can get stressed under certain unavoidable circumstances. Therefore, it’s important to learn how to relax your mind and body in an efficient way.

Various activities can help you relax in a calm mind while connecting with Mother Nature. The following are seven activities you can partake to calm your mind and connect to nature:

  • Take a nature walk
  • Design something with inspiration from nature
  • Tend to your garden or plant a tree
  • Take breaks from strenuous exercise and activities, and swing outside
  • Do exercises such as yoga in open spaces
  • Go for hunting adventures
  • Take photographs of nature

7 Ways to Indulge in Mother Nature for a Connection with Your Natural Environment

1. Take a nature walk

Walking in a natural environment is a great way of relaxing your mind. View the beauty of nature and appreciate the fantastic designs and things that God created in nature. This feeling is relaxing and stress-reducing.

While at this stage, your body releases oxytocin and endorphins that help in relaxation and stress management. You can visit a park or a forest to take nature walks. You can also go hiking and watch wildlife in game parks.

2. Design something with inspiration from nature

You must not necessarily be a perfect artist to do this; just do it for fun and let nature inspire your creativity.

Observe anything that you see in nature and try drawing or crafting something that looks like it. As you focus on doing this, you get some calming effect in your mind.

3. Tend to your garden or plant a tree

If you’re enthusiastic about having a garden and you love tending to it, continue doing so. It’s a good remedy for connecting to nature.


If you don’t have a garden or don’t like gardening, you can plant at least one tree or a few plants.

The time that you spend outside in the field to soil your hands and plant something keeps you relaxed and connected to nature.

There’s a rewarding and fulfilling feeling when you watch something that you planted with your own hands grow. Also, digging to plant is a good exercise for the body.

4. Take breaks from strenuous activities and swing outside

If you have a swing in your compound, feel free just to let gravity take you up and down. You can also walk to a park to swing if swings are available.

The to and fro movement of swings is relaxing, and you get to enjoy it. As the free air caresses your body, you feel more relaxed and connected to the air around you.

5. Engage in exercises such as yoga in open spaces

If you’re not conversant with yoga or simply don’t like complex yoga poses, you can do some simple poses you’re comfortable with. You can also do other exercises.

The idea is to do it outside in the open air, where your body gets to be in harmony with the outside environment.

Breathe in and out as you exercise and focus on it. Also, focus on nature and close your eyes for some time as you fantasize about it. Exercising stretches your muscles, and Mother Nature relaxes your mind.

6. Go for hunting adventures

Hunting is fun and adventurous. As you are out in the wild hunting, you get to be around nature at its fullest. The surrounding trees and fields are green, giving you fresh breath.

You appreciate the importance of natural habitat and its support for life. When going out for a hunting adventure, you may carry a gun to deploy your shooting skills.

When you successfully aim at an animal, you get a rewarding and satisfying feeling for your success. Hunting is enjoyable and relaxing.

You can use the gun that you feel you are luckier with. Choose an effective pistol grip for your AR 15 to use with your rifle when you go hunting.

7. Take photographs of nature

Get offline for some time and use your phone as a camera to take photographs of the natural habitat. If you have a camera, you can also use it. Photographs show you a different perspective of the surrounding.

While doing this activity, you get to appreciate nature, and your stress levels reduce. Take photos of trees, birds, animals, landscapes, and anything that pleases you.

You can even use the photos of nature you capture for meditation to further relax and calm your mind.


Connecting to nature is the best way to help calm you down. As you spend time in nature, you get to improve your mental, physical and emotional health. You get to relax, focus, relieve stress and improve your wellbeing.

The benefits you gain from nature are undeniable. Mother Nature is always welcoming and the best doctor when experiencing anxiety and emotional issues. You relax both your mind and body as you connect to nature.