About The Modern Curio

Who We Are

The Modern Curio was founded a couple of years ago to create awareness on the benefits of spending time in nature. Our founders are nature lovers who’ve spent lots of time in the natural environment and reaped Big Time from their efforts.

After experiencing positive effects of exploring nature over decades, our founders were inspired to share the love with you. We provide evidence-based information on nature and how it affects the human mind, body and health.

We encourage individuals and groups, kids and adults alike to tap on the immense benefits of spending time in nature. We’re your go-to online platform for all the information you’d like to know about nature and how it impacts human life, body and health.

Our mission is to create awareness and inform the public on the benefits of Mother Nature and why you should explore or view green scenes.

Our Vision is to become a leading online resource for information about nature and how it affects various aspects of human life and body, including mind and spirit.

What We Do

Environments, according to research, can reduce or increase stress levels, in turn affecting your body. What you hear, see or experience at any moment has an effect on your endocrine, nervous and immune systems, including your mood.

An unpleasant environment is stressful and can make your feel sad, anxious or even helpless. In turn, this can heighten your heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension. It can also suppress your immunity. However, a pleasant environment does the opposite.

Nature is pleasing to all human irrespective of culture or age. A study cited in the Healing Gardens book show that over two-thirds of the population worldwide opt to retreat in natural environments when undergoing stressful situations.

Viewing or exploring scenes in nature reduces fear, anger and stress while increasing pleasant feelings. When exposed to nature, it heals your emotions and physical wellbeing. It lowers your heart rate, blood pressure, stress hormones, and muscle tension to heal you emotionally and physically.

Nature also reduces mortality rates. Studies reveal that even a single plant placed indoors can significantly lower anxiety and stress levels.

Nature also soothes, helping us cope with pain. Getting lost in nature, because we find water, trees, plants and other elements of nature engrossing, can distract you from discomfort and pain. Studies reveal that patients with views of nature tolerate pain better and eventually spend less time in hospitals.

Nature also restores the mind from anxious, stressed and depressed states to balanced and calm conditions. Spending time in nature can improve your mood and psychological wellbeing, vitality and meaningfulness, including general wellbeing.

Nature walks and views also improve your ability to focus and pay attention. It refreshes an overactive mind to experience nature in the moment. It can help kids diagnosed with ADHD to increase their span of attention.

Exploring nature is a great way to connect with others and the world at large.

People who live in green neighborhoods lined with trees and green spaces have stronger feelings of unity with others, know more people, help and support each other, and have a stronger sense of belonging than their counterparts who live in areas without green nature.

Studies also report reduced street crimes, better ability to cope with demands in life, and low cases of aggression and violence between couples. This is truer for families living in poverty and dealing with related stressors.

When viewing or indulging in nature, parts of the brain associated with love and empathy are activated. Clearly, nature inspires individuals to develop feelings that connect them to the environment and those around them.

At The Modern Curio, we provide all the information you need to know about exploring nature and its range of benefits. We show you how your mind and body, including health can benefit from exploring Mother Nature.

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