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Many places on Earth are home to natural wonders and beauty. Whereas some places may be known to you, others are unknown. The world is home to epic destinations where you can visit to explore, discover and enjoy nature without touristic crowds.

The Azores in Portugal sits at the heart of the Atlantic, about 850 miles off the country’s mainland coast. The Azores are popular for their stunning colors and natural wonders, they’re truly inspirational.

The archipelago is popular for its waterfalls, lush green valleys, beautiful blue hydrangeas, and dramatic cliffs. Indulge in natural hot springs with dazzling scenery and anything form whale watching to hiking to delicious cuisines.

Apart from the geothermal features on the islands, there’s so much to do in this natural environment when you visit. Other top nature destinations worldwide include New Zealand, the Hawaiian Island of Kauai, and the Golden Circle in Iceland.

In this section, you’ll learn about the top destinations worldwide that you can visit to explore Mother Nature for its immense benefits.

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